RCD Testing Wollongong

What is RCD testing?

An RCD, or residual current device, is an important device in your home. It is a life-saving device that is designed to stop you from experiencing a fatal electrical shock. They offer protection to you and your family (especially if you have small children), which is why they should be tested regularly to ensure they are in working order. At John McEwan Electrical, we offer RCD testing as well as a whole host of other electrical testing services. Here’s everything you need to know about RCD testing.

RCD Testing Standards

In Australia, a standard is required when conducting an electrical safety inspection – this is the AS/NZS 3760:2010 in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. According to this standard, portable and fixed residual current devices must undergo push button tests at a series of different intervals.

How do RCDs work?

RCDs are lifesavers. This is because the device monitors the flow of electricity as it enters the house from the main distribution panel. If there is a surge, imbalance of power, or any other unusual electrical activity, the RCD will switch off all the electricity in the building to prevent injury or death.

No matter the type of building, you should ensure there are at least two RCD safety switches in the building, as this allows the electricity to be evenly divided. If you need RCDs installing in your property in Wollongong, at John McEwan Electrical, we have trusted electricians who will be happy to install them for you.

About RCD testing

Although it has been estimated that RCDs are around 97% effective, they need to be tested regularly to ensure that they are working properly. If you regularly test your RCD, it will make it even more effective, which will ensure you and your family are protected from electrocution.

It has been recommended that you should test your RCD every three months to ensure it’s in top condition. If you find that your RCD is not working, you must contact a local electrician right away and have them fix it. Here at John McEwan Electrical, we offer 24-hour emergency call-out services so that you will always be able to ensure the safety of your family.

How to test your RCD

It is possible to test your RCD from home, but you should always call a professional if you are unsure. Here is an easy way you can test your RCD:

• Plug a small lamp into a plug socket and turn it on. Turn off all other electronic equipment.
• Push the test button on each RCD, but don’t hold it down. The RCD should turn off. If it doesn’t, you need to call an electrician.
• Once you have pushed the test button, the lamp should be switched off and no other power points should be working. If the lamp or any power sockets are on, you need to call an electrician to fix the wiring.
• Once done testing, turn the RCD back on and check everything is working.

Need help with your RCDs?

If you need help installing or maintaining any RCDs in your home or business, make sure you contact John McEwan Electrical today. We are both residential and commercial electrical contractors.