Electrical problems with your home can put your home at risk and can lead to higher electricity bills. Determining the problems within your home and finding a licensed electrician in Wollongong to help you resolve these problems can put your mind at ease and help your home run efficiently.

Electrical Surges
There are many reasons that your home might experience an electrical surge. Lightning strikes, damaged power lines, and faulty appliances can all lead to electrical surges. Bad electrical wiring in your house can also be the culprit.

Random surges every once in a while and will not permanently cause damage. Even though the surges themselves are very short, if they keep happening regularly, the electrical components in your home can be damaged, which will lead to a shortened life expectancy.

Faulty Light Switches
Another common household electrical problem occurs when light switches are not working correctly. If dimmer switches are not adjusting the light properly, switches don’t seem to be connected to anything in the house, or switches do not work as they should, there could be a bigger problem.

These issues can be an indication that switches have been superseded, fixtures have been removed, or there could be a fault in the circuit or wiring. If a switch in your house doesn’t work properly, you should seek the help of an electrician to determine and fix the problem.

Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker
A circuit breaker is designed to protect your home from electrical fires if you are using too many devices on a particular breaker. Items with high wattage like microwaves or hairdryers can trip the circuit breakers if other high power items are using the same breaker. A circuit breaker tripping means that it is performing its job correctly.

If it happens frequently, then you need to look at which circuit tripped and what items were pulling power from it. Adjust your power usage so that you are using safe amounts of electricity on each breaker at a time, and this should eliminate the problem.

Light Bulbs Burning Out Quickly
If your light bulbs are burning out too quickly, there are a number of reasons this might be happening. If the light bulb wattage is too high, this could cause them to burn out quickly. Other problems include the insulation being too close to the light, bad wiring
on the circuit, bad wiring on the mains, or having too much total wattage on one switch for a dimmer switch. If the bulb has a tendency to flicker, that is an indicator of a bad connection to the circuit. If you are not a professional, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason for light bulb problems.

Seeking Professional Help
You can find switchboard upgrades information to help you determine if this is your problem online or by talking to an electrician in your area. When dealing with electrical problems in your home, it is important to seek help from a licensed professional. They have the experience and knowledge to help keep your home safe by fixing any problems.