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JME Electrical provides electrical switchboard upgrades for residential and commercial clients in the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands regions. Our customers can count on us for performance and safety. Able to work on homes and businesses in and around Wollongong, we specialise in providing high-grade replacements and repairs for almost any electrical appliance or installation.

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Why You May Need an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

There are a number of reasons why it may be time to upgrade your existing electrical switchboard. Some of the most common issues are:

Outdated circuitry

Like most other things, electrical technology improves over time. An older switchboard won’t have the advanced safety features, or use the hi-tech, long-lasting materials that are features of a modern switchboard.


Circuit boards decay over time, as they are subject to wear and tear. This can increase the incidence of faults, which in turn can mean more blown fuses, more blackouts and the potential for electrical appliances to be damaged due to unreliable switchboard performance.

Inability to cope with contemporary power demands

The number of electrically powered devices and systems that we have in our homes and business premises has dramatically increased in recent years. Older switchboards were never designed to cope with the sheer volume of usage that a modern home generates. Inevitably, some are just not up to the job, leading to problems with frequent shorting out, intermittent power supply or short-circuiting.

What Type of Switchboard Upgrades Can JME Electrical Carry Out?

Upgrading a Phase 1 Supply to a Phase 3 Supply

Upgrading to a Phase 3 supply of electricity enables more electricity to enter your system at any one time. This can provide an additional 70KVa of power. Typically this type of upgrade is needed where recent renovation or remodelling means there are more power points that will need to be serviced simultaneously (such as in a property that has been converted for multi-occupancy use, or one that’s been significantly extended).

Upgrade Electrical Fuses

Many modern appliances now require a higher fuse value than previously. For example, jacuzzis or power showers frequently need a 100 amp fuse, rather than the 40 or 60 amp that’s common in older domestic switchboards. We can fit fuses that meet the needs of your business or household, ensuring a safe, reliable and adequate electrical supply.

Replace Older Meter Boxes and Boards

Whilst we’re legally not allowed to replace a meter (that’s the responsibility of your power company), we are able to update boards and boxes, as well as any other equipment related to the flow and management of electricity in your home. Particularly if you’re having a new installation in your home that will require an electrical upgrade (such as a shower or electric hot water system), it could be the perfect time to also have other outdated installations replaced.

Upgrading Safety Features

Modern circuit breakers and surge preventers reduce the risk of damage to your appliances in the event of an outage or other power supply irregularity.

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