If you want to save money on your electricity bill, the great news is you don’t necessarily need to take any drastic measures to reduce costs. Simply changing how you use electricity around your home can lead to significant annual savings. Interested in learning more? Read on for our helpful hints.

Turn off lights you’re not using

Turning off incandescent bulbs for an extra two hours during the day can deliver savings. For an even more cost-effective solution, consider replacing your bulbs with LED options. Try using natural light as much as possible instead of artificial light to maximise your savings, and use lamps or under-counter lights instead of your main ceiling lighting.

Reduce water usage

Did you know heating your water can also impact your electricity bill? You can further cut costs by reducing your shower time and by turning off the water while you’re shaving, shampooing your hair, or brushing your teeth. And if you have a leaky hot water tap, don’t just let it slide – repairing plumbing issues can help reduce your energy expenses, too.

Unplug unused electronics

Even if an electronic device is on standby, it still uses electricity. Standby power can account for as much as 10% of your household’s annual energy use. Consider unplugging the devices you’re not using – this can help you save money in the long run.

Turn off your air con

If you’re going out, turn off your air conditioner. Cutting down usage during the day will really help you save money on your electricity bills.

Turn down the heat

If you use electricity to heat your home, consider turning down your thermostat by two to five degrees. You could save as much as 10% on your heating bill.

Be smart in the laundry

Making sure you only run full loads of washing can help you save on electricity costs. And at the same time, consider making the switch to cold water only, filling up your dryer before running it, and hanging some of your clothes on the line instead of putting them in the dryer. You’ll definitely see a reduction in how much you’ll pay for energy.

Use your fridge wisely

Keeping your refrigerator door seals air-tight and clean will ensure it keeps running efficiently and helps you save money. And if you have a second fridge you really don’t need, consider unplugging it and opting for a cooler with ice when you need some extra space for frozen food.

Be efficient with kitchen appliances

The heat-dry setting on your dishwasher definitely comes in handy, but it also uses electricity. If you deselect it, you could make significant energy savings. And why not use your microwave instead of your oven? It will take less time to do the same job, and can help you save on electricity while you’re at it.

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