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Switchboard Upgrades: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know that if your home is more than 20 years old, it could have an outdated switchboard? Read on to learn more about switchboard upgrades, including what they are, the importance of switchboard upgrades and signs it’s time to upgrade your switchboard.

What is a Switchboard Upgrade?

A switchboard is a device that distributes electricity from one or more sources of supply to several smaller load circuits in your home. For example, when you switch on a light, the switchboard sends electricity to that circuit to power the light.

When your present switchboard is updated to enable more electrical charge or to meet a larger electrical demand, this is known as a switchboard upgrade.

Why Do You Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

Since a switchboard plays such a key role in ensuring safe electrical flow, it is critical that it’s operational at all times. Old or damaged switchboards can be dangerous, presenting a greater fire risk and causing your electricity to cut out regularly. Here are some other reasons why it’s important to get a switchboard upgrade:

1. Electrical Safety Regulations Have Been Updated

Electrical safety laws, wiring regulations and work practices in Australia have evolved over time, so it’s important to check your switchboard meets current legislation.

2. The Switchboard Serves as the Hub for All of Your Electrical Systems

The switchboard is the central control point for your home’s electrical system, controlling everything from the microwave to the A/C. This means your entire home will be affected if the switchboard is malfunctioning or not coping with the pressure it’s being put under.

3. Houses Require More Electricity

Your electrical system’s current needs are much higher than they might have been 10 – 20 years ago. Since a typical home uses more electronic equipment today, the system needs more electricity to cope. Older fuse boxes won’t be able to keep up with the increased demand, resulting in issues such as overheating and the risk of electrical faults.

4. There Are No Safety Switches

To safeguard inhabitants from electrical faults, every home in New South Wales must have safety switches installed on all circuits. These turn off the power immediately if an electrical fault is detected, preventing the risk of electric shock, fire and death. If you don’t have them, you’re putting your loved ones and friends at risk of possibly fatal electrical accidents.

Signs That Your Switchboard Needs Upgrading

There are a few signs to look out for that indicate your switchboard needs to be upgraded — as usual, if you’re unsure, speak to an expert electrician and have them check it out.

  1. Overcrowded wiring: If the wiring on your switchboard appears to be overloaded, it most likely is. Review the problem with an electrician.
  2. Electric shock: If an electric shock occurs when a plug is placed into a power outlet, your switchboard is likely in need of replacement.
  3. Lighting: If your lights are frequently flickering, it’s either because the bulb is loose or your switchboard’s wiring is broken.

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