When you own your own home, and have to pay for everything inside it, small electrical failures are more than an annoyance, they can also be costly.

One of the most irritating issues that you can have is where your fuse box trips randomly.

Before you call in a residential electrician to help you, John McEwan Electrical can offer you some reasons why this is happening. 

Is the tripping random?

What makes a fuse box tripping problematic is when it happens apparently without reason.

You might have a trip happen 5 or 6 times, call out your local electrician, only to find that there seems to be nothing wrong with the box.

You might even find that they declare that the box is fine, and there is no electrical fault.

You can’t predict when the next trip will happen, but you know that it is going to happen soon. 

Ruling out the standard culprit

Of course, you have done everything that you can to rule out causes of tripping.

You have unplugged things that you suspected were making a drain on the electrics, and you have even had it happen in the middle of the night.

When you call John McEwan Electrical and tell them about this fault, we can explain to you exactly what is going on. 

An intermittent fault

What you are seeing here is something known as an intermittent fault, a problem which occurs in the electrics sporadically.

In order to find out what is the real problem, you will have to go through everything methodically, trying to test each item until you can discover the fault. 

Getting a continuity test

This is a test which can be done by a John McEwan Electrical team, and is designed to check the flow of electricity through the wires in the home.

It is possible that there is something like a split wire in the cables, which is causing the wire to trip your fuse box.

It is also possible that you will have to have each electrical device in your home checked, until you can find the one that is not working properly. 

Calling in the experts

If you are concerned that your fuse box is randomly tripping, then you need to call John McEwan Electrical.

Our residential electrician service can help you to resolve the problem, so get in touch with us today, or call 0447-321-930 now.

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