An electrician in Wollongong is someone who can help you make repairs to your electrical system, but did you know they can also do upgrades?

Do you have an old and outdated kitchen that needs to be upgraded?

Then it’s time to call the experts here at John McEwan Electrical for help.

We are able to do all kinds of residential electrical jobs, including helping you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Here are some convenient upgrades that you’re going to love.

Hidden Electrical Outlets

You’ve got to be able to plug things in when you use your kitchen, but you might not want the outlets visible.

They can break up your backsplash in an unappealing way and take away from the sleek look of your upgraded kitchen.

That’s why hidden outlets are so great.

You can sneak them under the oven hood or microwave or underneath the cabinets.

You’ll be able to plug in small appliances but won’t have to look at the outlets when they’re not in use. 

Under Cabinet Lights

Nothing is worse than a dark kitchen that you can’t see to cook in.

That’s why upgrading the lights to include some under cabinet bulbs will be such a lifesaver.

You can cast light on your chopping and dicing, even when it’s dark outside.

You can also use the lights to cast a nice touch of mood lighting to the kitchen without having to use the bright overhead lights.

You’ll love the convenience of having some additional lighting in your cooking space. 

Hidden Appliances

If you thought hidden outlets was cool, you’ll love having hidden appliances.

This involves covering the appliances with panels to hide them from view.

You can upgrade your appliances and then have them hidden to create a seamless and sleek look in your kitchen.

Most people blend appliances with their cabinets and you’ll love having brand new electrical appliances. 

Steam Oven

Adding a steam oven to your kitchen is a trend you’ll love.

It’s not hard to do and you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to steam food using the same appliance you use to bake and cook.

A steam oven is definitely an investment, but we can help you get it hooked up so that you can go from the same old meals to brand new ones without much effort. 

If you’re ready to make some easy upgrades to your kitchen, call John McEwan Electrical today for help.