We Install Safety Switches in Wollongong

Invest in Safety on Your Property

John McEwan Electrical specialises in the installation and repair of safety switches in Shellharbour, Kiama, Dapto, Thirroul, Wollongong, Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale. This could be exactly what your home or business needs to maintain a high standard of safety. By trusting us to install safety switches on your property, you can be sure that family, staff, friends and anybody else who visits the building all have peace of mind in the event of any electrical failure. These switches are an essential part of a building’s electrical systems that many overlook and may provide life-saving protection, which makes them a worthwhile investment for any company or home.

What Is A Safety Switch?

A safety switch, or a residual current device, activates during electrical failures to prevent a damaging electrical shock. This is similar to a circuit breaker, though the main priority of this device is usually to protect appliances from short-circuits, and other damages that may arise during electrical problems. Safety switches instead focus on defending people from these risks, shutting off the current before it reaches you, or anybody else. Installing a safety switch could help you avoid a serious calamity, and it’s paramount that you ask a trusted installer such as John McEwan Electrical to provide you with these devices.

There are four main types of safety switches, and we have the skills to install each one depending on your own unique requirements. Switchboard safety switches go directly onto the meter box – this allows them to protect specific circuits or the entire network, alongside appliances. For devices without an active power connection, a portable switch might be necessary to ensure the tool doesn’t suffer a dangerous failure. Power point switches replace a power point entirely, providing protection to cords and appliances plugged into them. A combination switch blends this device with a circuit breaker, keeping both people and appliances safe.

Safety Switch Installations And Repairs

No matter the kind of safety switch that works best for your building, you can count on John McEwan Electrical to give you a premium installation which prepares you for any electrical trouble ahead. We can also take a look at your wiring and general electrical system when we visit, just to make sure there aren’t any obvious problems on the horizon. Faults may develop at any time, especially in businesses and industries with high electrical use, so it helps to take precautions. Our switches are sure to keep you safe amid any fault, so book an installation today.

If you already have safety switches on your property, it’s paramount that you service them regularly to check if they’re working as they should. For homes, this could be every three months, though businesses would benefit from doing this more frequently if possible. We recommend every month, especially in industries that use high amounts of electricity. We can service your safety switches during our usual inspection – and repair them if we notice anything wrong. Our 24-hour electricians can fix or replace these switches to make sure you have a high standard of protection that keeps you safe from any fault.

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The team at John McEwan Electrical has both the skills and experience to conduct high-quality installations and repairs of safety switches. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients – scaling our services to match the complexity of each setting’s electrical networks. By booking an installation or repair with us, you can guarantee the people on your property are safe from the possibility of an electrical fault for years to come. Call us on 02 4261 9633 to book an appointment, or you can get in touch via our online contact form.