Switchboard Thermal Imaging

Switchboard Thermal Imaging In Wollongong

Switchboard thermal imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic technique used to map and ‘see’ inside electrical equipment and identify any faults. By using infrared technology to detect any changes in temperature, we can provide a thorough inspection and diagnose any issues without having to cause any damage or take machinery apart. At John McEwan Electrical, our experienced Wollongong electricians offer a range of switchboard thermal imaging services for a cost-effective, thorough and safety-conscious electrical inspection.

What Is Switchboard Thermal Imaging Technology Used For?

Switchboard thermal imaging technology can diagnose a variety of potentially dangerous electrical faults, such as:

Our team of highly trained electricians use the latest infrared technology to identify various electrical problems which give off heat from inside an appliance or switchboard. We find any faults before an accident can happen to make sure your team are safe. If your business has expensive and important electrical appliances and systems, we will give them a regular maintenance check to ensure maximum efficiency, and thermal imaging will not affect your power supply.

The Benefits Of Switchboard Thermal Imaging

There are a number of reasons why many businesses are choosing to use switchboard thermal imaging technology, as it becomes more readily available. It is a non-destructive process that avoids the need to open up machinery or appliances, so there’s no downtime and very little disruption to your business. This means you’ll be able to get back on track quicker after an inspection has been completed, with no cleanup. It is a versatile technology that can be used in a number of applications. We also use switchboard thermal imaging to identify any faults before they become more serious or cause more expensive or irreparable damage to your machine, electrical system or appliance.

Efficient Switchboard Thermal Imaging Solutions

Switchboard thermal imaging is also far more cost-efficient than traditional electrical inspections and at John McEwan Electrical, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices. Switchboard thermal imaging is a less expensive way of identifying electrical faults than opening up equipment, and it can be carried out without having to switch off the equipment being inspected, so it doesn’t cause any delays. This technology can be used on all types of electrical equipment, including heavy-duty appliances like motors and fans which are not suited to other inspection methods.

Electrical Repairs In Wollongong

Because all of our team are fully qualified electricians, we can also repair any issues found during our switchboard thermal imaging inspection. Whether it’s replacing faulty parts, fixing loose connections or repairing a component, you can count on John McEwan electrical for exceptional service. We are proud to provide reliable switchboard thermal imaging services to a number of businesses, organisations and institutions in Wollongong.

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