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When Should You Call An Emergency Electrician?

Electrical issues can be very worrying, especially when you consider that faulty electrics can lead to fire and electrocution. But how are you meant to ascertain what constitutes an emergency, especially when it’s out of hours?

In general, we recommend that you call one of our 24/7 electricians if there is an obvious danger to life or the problem is making you uncomfortable in your own home. Still, you may be uncertain as to what this means. To help, here are the most common reasons you should call an emergency electrician.

Fallen Power Cables

Perhaps obvious, but vitally important to flag up, are rare instances of fallen power cables, which are usually caused by extreme weather events. No matter how minor the damage may look, this is a very serious problem. The chance of an electrical fire breaking out is high, so do not approach the wires or attempt to touch them. Instead, ensure there are no people or animals near them, check for signs of a fire and call an emergency electrician right away.

Exposed Wires

Inside the home, exposed wires are an example of an emergency. As a general rule, you should always treat wires as if they are live and have electricity running through them. Therefore, don’t try to fix the problem yourself as you could end up getting shocked. Instead, call an emergency electrician who will be able to identify what has gone wrong and get the wires back into the wall or socket safely.

Sparking Outlets

Speaking of sockets, these are our way of getting electricity to our appliances, so they can be dangerous if there is a fault. Any sign of damage on them should be repaired, but if you can visibly see sparks, this indicates a significant fire risk that can easily spread. Immediately leave the premises and call 000, who will mitigate the risk in the first instance, and then call an emergency electrician.

Signs Of Burning

Obvious sparking isn’t the only cause for concern, though. Any black or brown marks around outlets can indicate that it has been overloaded. If you can’t see signs of fire but can smell them, such as the smell of smoke or burning plastic, this is another sign of an electrical fault. Again, call 000 if you can see smoke or fire on the property before an emergency electrician. Even if you are unsure, an emergency electrician should be called to avoid further damage to your electrical circuit, which could damage your appliances or cause a fire.


If your whole house seems to be suffering from an electric outage, an emergency electrician will be happy to come to your property to see if they can help you get back up and running in no time. This may be even more urgent in winter, especially if you have an electric heating system.

Flickering Lights

You may not think that flickering lights are a cause for concern, but they can actually be a sign of a power surge. This increases the fire risk and if surges frequently occur, this can damage the appliances and components on the circuit as a whole. This is something an emergency electrician needs to take care of to avoid future problems.

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